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being productive
Burne-Jones Katie Lewis
Following on from a recent discussion here, I think a major problem today is that we're made to feel so guilty about non-productive pleasures. If we're just sitting quietly in front of the TV, or we're just idly surfing the internet, we feel we should be doing something constructive instead.

But why should we? Didn't Oscar Wilde say something about all art being useless, and that its uselessness was what made it so precious? We seem to have imposed the Protestant work ethic even onto our pleasures.

Internet Slobbery
A Time Of Changes
I'm at the point where I would prefer a sport-related hobby just to keep me away from constantly checking for any internet updates. Surfing the net does not feel constructive in anyway unless I stumble over something useful to my personal interests, and at that point I can happily label it 'research', until then I just feel like a slob wasting time.

techno-geek culture
I was contemplating buying a new TV set this week. But you need to do a course to understand enough of the technical stuff to even consider paying out the money. I don’t want to have to understand refresh rates and response times and contrast levels. And I noticed that the stores were full of bewildered consumers. The salesman was trying to explain to a woman about region coding on DVDs, ad I could see that she was simply appalled that human brings would come up with such unnecessary stupidity to make life so much more complicated than it needs to be.

The world seems to be run by techno-geeks for techno-geeks. I have nothing against techno-geeks, but I don’t understand why I have to become one before I can even go shopping. Technology should make our lives better. For most people these days it simply makes life into a never-ending nightmare.

internet culture
It's probably very hypocritical to say this on an internet group, but I think a lot of the changes or the worse in popular culture and in society as a whole are due to the internet. Much as I enjoy the internet, I find it difficult to convince myself that it's been a force for good in the world.

There's a certain kind of internet culture that seems to have spread into the world of real life. A culture that tolerates outrageously obnoxious and argumentative behaviour and a generally snarky attitude. The relative anonymity of the internet has allowed this culture to thrive.

So do you think the internet has done more harm than good?

vanishing technologies- newspapers
We've talked about disappearing technology. One that hasn't yet vanished, but seems likely to do so within the next decade, is the newspaper. I have mixed feelings about this. There are plenty of newspapers that I would be happy to see disappear down the plug-hole of history, and in fact I was overjoyed to see Sydney's two afternoon tabloid newspapers cease publication.

But I fear their place will simply be taken by the more trashy parts of the internet, and we'll end up with something even trashier than the tabloids.

What do you think? Will you be sorry to see newspapers go?

introducing yourselves
If you're new to the community feel free to introduce yourself, and tell us why you dislike the present age.

There are no hard and fast rules here about subject matter. Pretty much anything that relates to the past compared to the present, in just about an area of society or art or fashion or anything else you can think of is perfectly acceptable. Don't feel shy!


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