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vanishing technologies- newspapers
dfordoom wrote in anti21stcentury
We've talked about disappearing technology. One that hasn't yet vanished, but seems likely to do so within the next decade, is the newspaper. I have mixed feelings about this. There are plenty of newspapers that I would be happy to see disappear down the plug-hole of history, and in fact I was overjoyed to see Sydney's two afternoon tabloid newspapers cease publication.

But I fear their place will simply be taken by the more trashy parts of the internet, and we'll end up with something even trashier than the tabloids.

What do you think? Will you be sorry to see newspapers go?

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Yes, I will be sorry to see them go. I personally am drawn to a newspaper if it's laying there; I'll paw through it, read bits (I admit I never read a whole newspaper), maybe cut somethng out to save, and go curl up on the sofa to work the crossword. Then it can start the fire, go under the cat box, or be wadded up to pad things in a shipping box. But remember to go to an online newspaper? Doesn't happen unless I'm looking for something specific. And the online version of our local rag is so pathetic that I don't bother with it at all. Even if I had a *paid* subscription to an online newspaper, I wouldn't remember to go to it. And have you ever tried to swat a fly with an Imac?

And have you ever tried to swat a fly with an Imac?

I've been tempted to hurl my computer across the room many times, but I've never thought of hurling it specifically at something, such as a bug. I think it's a splendid idea!

Maybe that's why laptops are so popular? They make better anti-insect weapons than desktop computers!

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