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dfordoom wrote in anti21stcentury
I was contemplating buying a new TV set this week. But you need to do a course to understand enough of the technical stuff to even consider paying out the money. I don’t want to have to understand refresh rates and response times and contrast levels. And I noticed that the stores were full of bewildered consumers. The salesman was trying to explain to a woman about region coding on DVDs, ad I could see that she was simply appalled that human brings would come up with such unnecessary stupidity to make life so much more complicated than it needs to be.

The world seems to be run by techno-geeks for techno-geeks. I have nothing against techno-geeks, but I don’t understand why I have to become one before I can even go shopping. Technology should make our lives better. For most people these days it simply makes life into a never-ending nightmare.

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Choose randomly.

I bought my DAB radio because it was the cheapest available & then chose my telephone because the design sort of matched the radio (they both sit on the same shelf). The phone is probably not as good as some of the alternatives, but I'll never know.

I inherited my Dad's TV, which must be the last CRT TV ever built, but it doesn't matter -- it's nice & big, & I don't need HD because I don't have HD eyes.

I agree that the region coding business is annoying, though :-)
(I have a laptop that thinks it's American so it can play Region 1 DVDs).

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Mr. Doom, have you seen this? I think THIS is the beginning of a never-ending nightmare.

I think Jobs should be severely punished for that.

Oh, man. My mother ended up asking my computer expert Aunt to help her choose a new set. Fucking ridiculous. And now there's all these new digital channels. AHHH!

A friend has a plasma TV, but she's lost the instruction manual. And now she has no idea how to work the damned TV! Every time you try to play something that isn't in a widescreen format you have to change the aspect ratio, but how you actually do that remains one of the great unsolved mysteries. There are dozens of buttons to choose from, and one of them may well be the correct one!

I don't understand why a TV set needs more controls than the Space Shuttle.

I still have one of those old style bulky square TVs though it does have a reasonably flat screen. I love it - it's the best TV I've ever owned and the aspect ratio is perfect for watching my 60s and 70s TV show DVDs. But analogue TV will be switched off here in 2013 and I am considering buying a set top box that also includes recording capabilities.

I was going to leave it until 2013 but I only want something simple that I don't need to connect to the internet...and it may not be possible to buy one without all those unnecessary bells and whistles by then. I have a horrible suspicion I'd better not put it off any longer.

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